Angel Walk Workshop

Connecting With Your Angels Workshop
During the Workshop, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the angels that surround you, practice getting messages from them, and experience the power of angel meditation. This Workshop is a casual gathering of like-minded souls. Remember to bring your angels with you!
Your angels are waiting anxiously to communicate with you. These divine beings want to help you with all areas of your life; from finding a parking space, to helping you with career moves and finding or improving relationships.  Your life will change in magical ways when you begin to call upon these amazing masters of manifestation.  The stronger your connection becomes the more miracles you will witness in your life.
Workshop Content
1. Introduction 
2. Sacred space blessing and smudging
3. Sharing circle
4. Reading of angel card messages
5. About angels and how to connect with them
6.  Guided meditation into the angelic realm
7.  "Angel Walk"...where you will receive messages from your angels
8.  Closing